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Are you a wedding industry creative looking to take yourself, and your business, to the next level?

Whether you have dreams of owning your own brand, are searching for ways to improve your current business, or trying to figure out a way to problem solve your business’s pain points, I am here for you! I offer a wide variety of coaching sessions to help get you started, keep you in motion and motivated, or streamline and refine your day-to-day business needs. Our intimate, one-on-one sessions allow for you to ask your most pressing questions and get real time answers from a professional who has “been there and done that” for well over a decade. We’ll focus our attention on a few key topics of your choice for our first call. From there, we’ll spend time discussing those topics, what I’ve experienced in a similar light to help get you through that next hurdle, and strategize a plan for how you can achieve your dreams. It's time to invest in yourself.

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Mentorship Program

My mentorship program is perfect anyone who’s interested in consistency within their business to better drive sales and growth. We’ll customize an experience that best suits your needs, tackle where you currently are, where you want to be, and provide you with guidance on how to get there. 

Sessions are 2-hours long and will include topics of your choice covered in depth. I’ll share my personal experiences, my trial and error stories, and my best tips and advice on how you can avoid making the same mistakes to get you towards your goal faster.


Topics Include

Attracting your ideal client 
Confidently closing the sale
How to determine your worth & pricing your packages accordingly 
Leveling up & elevating your client experience
How to design weddings created more than on Pinterest dreams
Keeping your business thriving, instead of just surviving 
Streamlining your daily work flow
Social media presence and strategies to exceed 

Pricing & Options:

1-hour Customized Session: $250 (Recommended for 1-2 topic points)
2-hour customized session $450 (Recommended for 2-4 topic points)
3-hour deep dive session: $650 (Recommended for 3-5 topic points)

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education for wedding planners

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"5 Tools You Need to Start Your Wedding Planning Business"

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professional bio

When I was a little girl, I never dreamt that wedding planning would be it for me. I knew I had a wildly creative mind, but always had imagined myself in the world of fashion. Specifically, I dreamed of building store front designs for the clothing companies I knew and loved. Fast forward to my adult years and I realized that my storefront dreams weren’t entirely “off base” for becoming the wedding planner I am today. With creativity, vision, and a whole lot of passion I found out I could do anything I set my mind to.

…and so the journey began!

In 2012, fresh out of college, I worked alongside my first wedding planner as an intern. I quickly soaked up every ounce of knowledge she was willing to teach me. From there, my love for weddings truly grew. Over the next several years, I eagerly explored roles in Assistant Planning, Catering Sales, and Venue Management at some of Virginia’s finest companies. After reaching my peek at those companies, I decided to venture off on my own and start the planning and design business I never knew would end up being my life's work. 

Angelica & Co. was born!

Today, I’m 6 years into building this beautiful business of mine that I adore so dearly and am thankful to have had those experiences today. By being so well versed in other facets of wedding planning, I’m able to help pave the way for other creatives looking to grow in such a fast paced industry. With the right knowledge, right attitude, and a strong willingness to learn I truly believe that anyone is able to accomplish, create, and live out their own wildest dreams.

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