#spreadlove Takes Leesburg

July 30, 2020

Our first #spreadlove installation was such a huge success we decided to turn it into a series! Our first stop was in the heart of our beloved District, and this time…we decided to take it to the home of our beloved floral mastermind, Kory of Springvale Floral Design + Installation. Onto the Historic District of Leesburg we went!

We deemed the Mariah Stockman Creative building as the perfect location for Part 2 of our #spreadlove series. The building is near in dear to Kory’s childhood heart, having spent years in and around it growing up.

What better way to honor those memories than to adorn its side with stunning fresh florals?

The goal was to create a bright and colorful piece that looked as if it had grown off of the building. With a lot of creativity and ingenuity, Kory designed an installation that delivered just that! Her design was dripping with blooming goodness in all of our favorite shades of purples and pinks. To my surprise, most of the flowers I found myself loving the most were a flower I’ve always known to just be “meh”. Tulips! That’s right. Do you see all of those frilly purple odd ball beauties? Turns out they’re a variety of tulip.

Shocked. Completely shocked!

Feast your eyes, friends, and enjoy our labor of love.






Venue: Mariah Stockman Creative

Floral Installation Mastermind: Springvale Floral Design + Installation

Mastermind’s Assistant: Angelica & Co. Weddings

Photography: Weddings by Hana

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July 30, 2020

Wedding Inspiration

#spreadlove Takes Leesburg

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