A September Love Story: A Modern Black-Tie Reception at Fleetwood Farm

April 12, 2024

In the heart of the picturesque Virginia countryside, amidst rolling green hills and the soft glow of September sunlight, Kerry and Nick tied the knot at the beautiful and tranquil Fleetwood Farm Winery. The air was warm as early fall began to start and the day could not have been more perfect to celebrate their love.

As the golden rays of the day began, Kerry and her bridesmaids gathered inside of Fleetwood’s cozy upstairs bridal suite, brimming with excitement and anticipation. Laughter filled the air as they exchanged stories and shared precious moments while the talented team of stylists at Bella Jameil Beauty worked their magic, transforming Kerry’s vision into reality.

Meanwhile, across the grounds, Nick and his groomsmen prepared for the day ahead, their energy was high as they got dressed and cracked jokes. With a relaxed and carefree attitude, they suited up, preparing for the momentous occasion ahead.

As the sun cast its gentle glow over Fleetwood Farm, Kerry looked like an absolute dream. She stood near the winery entrance, her heart fluttering with excitement and nerves. Before the whirlwind of the ceremony began, there were precious moments to cherish, starting with the timeless tradition of the first look.

With a soft tap on her shoulder, Kerry turned to see her father standing behind her, his eyes shimmering with pride and love. Tears welled in Kerry’s eyes as she shared a moment of quiet reflection with the man who had been her rock, her guiding light, and her first love.

But the first look didn’t end there. As Kerry wiped away her tears of joy, she turned to face her soon-to-be husband, Nick. The love that radiated between them was palpable, a silent promise of a lifetime of shared dreams and adventures together.

Surrounded by their closest friends and family members, Kerry and Nick joined their wedding party for a series of photos that captured the essence of their bond. Laughter echoed through the air as they posed amidst the natural charm of Fleetwood Farm, each photo captured by Abby Hart Photography a testament to the joy and connections that defined their journey.

As the clock struck midday, guests gathered in the garden, surrounded by lush greenery and the gentle rustle of leaves. The ceremony site, adorned with clean delicate blooms and whimsical touches, was a testament to the couple’s shared passion for simplicity and elegance. With tears of joy and heartfelt vows, Kerry and Nick exchanged rings, sealing their love amidst cheers and applause.

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a blissful cocktail hour, savoring delectable treats and signature cocktails crafted with care by Main Event Catering. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the festivities, the newlyweds connected with all their friends and family from near and far.

As cocktail hour was in full swing, our team was putting finishing touches into transforming the space upstairs into a breathtaking setting for the wedding reception. Drawing inspiration from Kerry and Nick’s vision of simplicity and elegance, we curated a stunning mix of round and rectangular table designs, each adorned with a playful play on neutral colors and lush greenery. The result was a whimsical fusion of sophistication and charm, where every detail, from the delicate floral centerpieces to the soft candlelight, contributed to the enchanting atmosphere.

As the night went on, DJ Smoky set the stage for an unforgettable evening, spinning tunes that had guests of all ages dancing the night away. From classic hits to heartfelt ballads, every song echoed the rhythm of Kerry and Nick’s love story, filling the air with joy and laughter.

After the very last song of the night, guests gathered outside, our team handing them bubble machines as a fun way to send off the couple! With a joyous cheer, Kerry and Nick made their way through an animated group of well-wishers, their smiles radiant with happiness and love. Against the backdrop of a starry sky, surrounded by family and friends, they bid farewell to the day in true fairytale fashion, enveloped in a cascade of iridescent bubbles.

As the echoes of laughter and music faded into the night, Kerry and Nick embarked on the next chapter of their journey, hand in hand, hearts full of love and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Their wedding day at Fleetwood Farm was not just a celebration of their love but a testament to the magic of simplicity, the power of laughter, and the beauty of shared dreams.


Wedding Planner: Angelica & Co. Weddings

Venue: Fleetwood Farm Winery 

Photographer & Videographer: Abby Hart Photography

Caterer: Main Event Caterers

Rentals & Decor: Select Event Group

Florist: Angela Rabena Florals

DJ: DJ Smoky 

Cake: Edibles Incredible

Beauty: Bella Jameil Beauty

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April 12, 2024

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A September Love Story: A Modern Black-Tie Reception at Fleetwood Farm

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