A Timeless Affair: Sydney & Noel’s Classic Wedding in Charlottesville

January 26, 2024

As a wedding planner, each event holds a special place in my heart, but Sydney and Noel’s wedding at Old Metropolitan Hall in downtown Charlottesville was truly a masterpiece of elegance, nostalgia, and pure love. Guided by the couple’s vision of a timeless & romantic celebration with a touch of Old Hollywood glamour, this wedding became a symphony of colors, sentimentality, and enchantment.

October 13th, 2023, marked the day when Sydney and Noel exchanged vows in the heart of Charlottesville, surrounded by the rich hues of fall. The colors of the season painted the town in warm shades of red, gold, and amber, providing a stunning backdrop for the intimate celebration that unfolded.

The charm of Charlottesville, with its historic architecture and picturesque landscapes, served as the perfect canvas for this love story. Old Metropolitan Hall, a venue rich in character and history, became the ideal setting for Sydney and Noel’s vintage wedding dream. We were so excited to transform this intimate space into a haven of romance and enchantment!

The day began with a symphony of excitement as Sydney and Noel prepared for the momentous occasion. In the cozy upstairs rooms of Old Metropolitan Hall, Sydney and her bridesmaids shared laughter and heartfelt moments, getting ready in elegant robes with champagne. Meanwhile, Noel and his groomsmen, exuding a mix of nerves and joy, suited up in classic black and white attire that set the tone for the day.

The rooms buzzed with the energy of preparation as Audra Jones Photography expertly captured candid moments, immortalizing the anticipation and joy in timeless black and white frames. Each click of the camera served as a prelude to the unfolding love story, building anticipation for the magical moments that lay ahead.

Natalie, our talented Angelica & Co Associate, led the charge to bring Sydney and Noel’s vision to life. With meticulous attention to detail, she ensured that every element of the wedding spoke to the couple’s unique style. Natalie made sure the day seamlessly flowed with ease and helped the couple carve out moments for just the two of them to take it all in.

The first look unfolded in a secluded corner of the Downtown Mall—a quiet haven away from the bustling energy of the impending celebration. As Sydney approached Noel, the world seemed to fade away, leaving only the two of them in a beautiful loving embrace. The black and white photography style chosen by the couple added a layer of classic elegance to this private exchange.

The ceremony, set against the backdrop of the venue’s gorgeous mirror plated walls, was an emotional journey filled with meaningful moments for the couple and their families. Sydney and Noel had carefully incorporated sentimental touches that celebrated their family history with a decorative welcome display that had digital prints of family memories laid on the table, creating an atmosphere of warmth and love that enveloped the entire room.

Sydney walked down the aisle in a vintage-inspired gown, a vision of grace and elegance. The ceremony was not just a union of two souls but a celebration of family, with carefully incorporated touches that paid homage to generations past.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the atmosphere shifted to cocktail hour brimming with nostalgia and Old Hollywood glamour. Guests moved downstairs into Old Met’s speakeasy style room and were transported to a bygone era as they sipped on signature cocktails, surrounded by vintage-inspired decor and the soft glow of candlelight.

This couple really valued their drink selection, as Noel was a bartender at the infamous Alley Light down the street. They offered their guests four delicious signature cocktails served in eye-catching glassware, giving guests their choice between a Paloma, Spritz, Negroni and Punch.

One of the standout features of the wedding was the stunning floral arrangements created by Tang Austin, whose artistry transformed Old Metropolitan Hall into a magical wonderland. The carefully curated flower masterpieces, inspired by the colors of fall, adorned tables and corners, creating a sense of intimacy and romance. The fragrance of fresh blooms mingled with the soft glow of candlelight, casting a spell on everyone present.

As guests enjoyed cocktail hour, vendors flipped the upstairs space from ceremony to reception. The dinner space completely transformed Old Metropolitan Hall— giving an elegant and glamorous feeling with a long table down the center of the room. The design created by Angelica & Co was delightfully executed by our team as we mirrored the couple’s love for vintage aesthetics. Textured ivory linens and table settings with touches of antique rose created an intimate atmosphere, while the room glowed with the warmth of candlelight.

For dinner, guests reveled in a culinary experience that mirrored the richness of the season. Each dish was a celebration of local flavors from The Exchange Events & Catering, complemented by the carefully selected wines that flowed freely. Heartfelt toasts, punctuated by laughter and the clinking of glasses, echoed through the candlelit room as Sydney and Noel basked in the love that surrounded them.

The dance floor downstairs soon opened up to family and friends, each step and twirl resonating with joy and camaraderie. Wedding DJ Rhythm of Love curated a playlist that seamlessly blended retro classics with modern beats, creating an eclectic soundtrack for the celebration. From swing dance-inspired moves to spontaneous moments of pure revelry, the dance floor became a canvas of expression, mirroring the diverse personalities that came together to celebrate Sydney and Noel’s love.

Sydney and Noel’s wedding was not just an event; it was a journey through time, a celebration of love that transcended eras. Every element, from the vintage decor to the black and white photography, came together seamlessly to create an experience that will be etched in the memories of all who attended.

Wedding Planner: Angelica & Co. Weddings 

Venue: Old Metropolitan Hall

Photographer: Audra Jones Photography

Caterer: Exchange Events & Catering

Rentals & Decor: MS Events, Select Event Group

Florist: Tang Austin Floral

DJ: Rhythm of Love

Beauty: Avenue 42 Salon, Cloud 9

Rehearsal Dinner: The Alley Light

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January 26, 2024

Wedding Inspiration

A Timeless Affair: Sydney & Noel’s Classic Wedding in Charlottesville

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