District of Columbia Same Sex Couple Sweetheart Session

June 10, 2019

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Recently, I shared a piece of myself with you all on my Instagram and was blown away by the response. It’s all too easy to hide our most authentic and true selves, but why do it?

So today, I’m re-sharing a bit of my story so that it can live on for longer than one post.

Here I am, world.

I welcome June with an open heart, always. Why? Because June is Pride Month! So, in full transparency, I’m proud every month…but I didn’t always use to be.⠀

Up until I met this one I think it’s safe say I was actually far from it. Being proud combats the perfection I used to always feel pressured to be. Being proud conflicts with the image I wanted so badly for others to see. Being proud means being comfortable, and being comfortable wasn’t always for me.⠀

From my “coming out” to friends circa 2012, my coming out to my family circa 2014, and my coming out in everything else in my life…I’d say I’ve come a long way!⠀

As any planner without a ring, I often am asked “Are you married?? Do you have a boyfriend??” For years, my go-to response was “No…*trails off, changes topic*” But really, what I wanted to say was “I’m not married. And I don’t have a boyfriend because I’d rather a girlfriend.” “I’m not married and that’s my choice.” “I’m not married, stop acting like I should be.” “I’m not married, but I’m very loved.”

So for everyone battling with the discomforts of being comfortable, in whatever capacity it may be— this month is for you too! Love is love. You are you. Be seen and be heard. Embrace and stay true to yourself. ⠀

Happy Pride, everyone!








This sweetheart session by local DC photographer, Kir2Ben, stole our hearts. For more of her magic from our shoot, visit her blog here.

Photography Credit: Kir2Ben

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June 10, 2019


District of Columbia Same Sex Couple Sweetheart Session

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