First Looks: To Look? Or Not to Look?

March 21, 2019

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To look? Or not to look? I often find that being a big question for my couples.

With some, the choice is easy. “YES! Let’s do all of the looks!” While others are the “They’ll first see me when he/she walks down the aisle” type. Trust me, I get both sides (and will insert my opinion later…keep reading!)

When it comes down to it, first looks are a matter of one of two things to me: nerves/feelings or timing. Why? Let’s break it down.


If you’re anything like me, you’re a naturally anxious human being. Yes, I may be cool, calm and collected on the outside, but when it comes to anything formal or serious I actually start to build a nervous sweat. Even with weddings! No matter how many I have under my belt, the feeling is all the same— as wedding weekend approaches (as it all too quickly does) I start doing this excited, overly analytical, anxious little wiggle. (Everything’s gotta be perfect, right? Pressure’s on!)

The same can be said for couples, I’m sure!

Imagine this…you’ve been planning your wedding for the better part of a year. All the while, during the making of your biggest decisions, you’ve had your person to lean on. You’ve discussed, you’ve consulted together, and you’ve come to mutual agreements on (_________insert topic).; and just like that, the decision is made. Your fears are forgotten and your mind is at ease. You both are confident that you’ve done the right thing…together.

Now, what about on wedding day? It’s the biggest moment in your relationship to date. In the past, you’ve been through everything as a couple. You’ve made the hard decisions and you’ve worked through your anxieties as one. So, what now? Your nerves are getting the best of you, your sweat (if you’re me) is beginning to build and before the madness hits you’d rather find comfort in your person than in that last sip of champagne.

But, do you give in to your comforts and see your person then or wait until “the one moment” finally arrives? The struggle is real.


Depending on what season you get married, this may change you view on a first look as well.

Weddings in the warmer months have longer days; while weddings in the winter are out of luck when it comes to long hours in the sun. The longer you have those beautiful daylight hours, the more photo opts are at your disposal (both before and after ceremony). For winter weddings, unless your ceremony is is the early afternoon, you run the risk of it being completely dark after your ceremony for any outdoor photos you may have in mind.

My Thoughts?

I am a pro first look planner. The way I see it, first looks allow for you to spend more actual time together on your wedding day. Yes, you also get the added bonus of calming your nerves and taking more photos; but to me the quality time is what really matters the most.

The way I set up first looks as a planner is with the couple’s privacy fully in mind. I will be there to stage, setup and support you both, but after that it’s important for you to take the 30-45 minutes together solo (with photography silently shooting away).

This will be one of the only moments you’ll have privately together to just enjoy one another before the rush of guests and “congratulations, we love you so much!”’s start to flow!

But who am I? This is your wedding. Do it your way!




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March 21, 2019

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First Looks: To Look? Or Not to Look?

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