Transportation: Is It Necessary?

April 23, 2019

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Transportation…it’s a tricky one! Depending on the location of your wedding venue it’s either a no-brainer YES or one of those items you really just aren’t sure about. When it comes to transportation, there always seems to be grey area.

My goal for this blog is to break it down for you while keeping three things in mind—- your venue’s location/accessibility, budget, and your guests safety.

Let’s get started!


Venue Location & Accessibility

I serve two main markets as a wedding planner, those being the DC metro area and Charlottesville, Virginia. Both have two very different vibes and very different venue styles.

The DC metro area has most things readily accessible. There are plenty of prime attractions, bars and restaurants within walking distance of most venues/hotels and, for the sake of this blog, many convenient public transportation options available. There are endless Lyfts, Uber’s, and Taxi’s for all of your guests to grab within minutes; it’s an affordable option for your guests to consider when planning for your wedding weekend.

Charlottesville, on the other hand, doesn’t have it so lucky when it comes to convenience and accessibility. Most venues in Charlottesville are in remote locations on top of a mountain you have to travel down windy and unlit dirt roads to get to. (Though I promise, they’re always worth the trips!) When you take into consideration venues like these, your guests face two challenges: cell service (there often is none) and transportation availability (many Lyfts, Uber’s, and taxi services won’t go to such remote locations—- so your guests end of stuck and stranded!) Not the best way to end and otherwise perfect wedding day.


Though many of my couples are often surprised by this, transportation can be pricey! As a planner, I try to be as transparent with my couples as possible. Setting expectations up front is key!

Regardless of your market, transportation prices can add up quickly. Some companies charge by the hour, while others will charge based on the total number of trips.

Pro tip: Find a company who charges by the hour! Through my years of planning I’ve found the hourly rates more reasonable than the per trip rates. Why? Typically you can squeeze multiple shuttle runs within your allotted hours. This eliminates the need for more shuttle buses, which cuts down on your costs, and transports more of your guests!

Your Guests Safety

Weddings are fun…we all know this! The weekend is full of celebrating with the ones you love the most; and with celebrating comes the drinking! (Nothing wrong with it!) But when your guests are indulging and having a great time, it’s nice to take the pressure off of them in some capacity by offering them a safe ride home.

If your wedding venue is in a well populated location like the DC metro area, there are plenty of public transportation options nearby for them to call within minutes. But if you’ve chosen a more remote location like the ones in Charlottesville, the worst feeling for your guests after an awesome night of celebrations would be being stranded, on top of a mountain…intoxicated.

In this scenario, help them out by pre-planning safe shuttles home! They’ll be well worth the dollars you spend by ending the night on a happy high!

Photo Credit: Nikki Santerre (top), Molly Lichten (bottom)

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April 23, 2019

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Transportation: Is It Necessary?

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